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The United Church of God - Australia endorses the work of LifeNets, a non-profit humanitarian relief organisation aimed to serve needy peoples around the world.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2023
Vlad Yurishko who is in Germany writes report about the latest in bringing supplies from Germany to 11 hour drive. March 13, 2023 Hello Victor and Beverly. Well, we have already received the documents for the foundation, so we loaded everything we bought before, as well as what people donated, into the LifeNets van […] The post More humanitarian items from Germany to Ukraine appeared first on LifeNets International.
Sunday, 19 March 2023
March 19, 2023. we have reached our goal! $8000 of our $8000 goal LifeNets advanced the $8000 in May of last year. We thank all those in the US who contributed to this initiative of concerned people who filled a vital need in Zambia and produced a great crop. Here is the story as we […] The post Fertilizer Project in Zambia complete! Thank you!! appeared first on LifeNets International.
Friday, 17 March 2023
Another happy LifeNets Scholarship Program success story: Hi Mrs. Kubik, I hope you are doing well. I just came back from my trip to the U.S last week and it was wonderful seeing you in Cincinnati. I wanted to write to you to thank you, Mr. Kubik and LifeNets for all of the help and […] The post LifeNets Brazil Scholarship Graduate from Law School appeared first on LifeNets International.
Monday, 6 March 2023
Current brief profiles of young people whose lives are being changed in our LifeNets Scholarship Program. On behalf of all the fortunate young people, may we express our sincere gratitude for making it possible for these underprivileged souls to have the opportunity for elevation. --Filius Jere The post Eastern Zambia Scholarship Report March 1, 2023 appeared first on LifeNets International.
Friday, 3 March 2023
February 2023 Providing mobility support is one of LifeNets' project and one that has continued since 1999. You can read our history at The Wheelchair Project has provided many people, mostly in the United States with mobility. Our most recent project has been to build a wheelchair ramp in Winchester, Adams County, Ohio. This […] The post LifeNets helps Winchester, OH resident with wheelchair ramp appeared first on LifeNets International.

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